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What is in a leader? Recall those individuals in your past, or present who speak words of encouragement. Those who inspired you to continue, encouraged you to dig deeper, to step out farther. Do you remember? Despite the difficulty, the individual who left a positive mark, one you still recall.

Isaiah paints a picture of the blessing you as a leader bring to others. Notice the word pictures and the encouragement and inspiration of Isaiah.

Isaiah 32.2

“Each one will be like a shelter from the wind and a refuge from the storm, like streams of water in the desert and the shadow of a great rock in a thirsty land.”-Isa. 32.2 (NIV)

“Ese hombre será como un refugio contra el viento, como un albergue contra el turbión; como los arroyos en tierras áridas; como la sombra de un gran peñasco en tierra calurosa.” -Isa. 32.2 (RVC)

“Chacun sera comme un abri contre le vent, Et un refuge contre la tempête, Comme des courants d’eau dans un lieu desséché, Comme l’ombre d’un grand rocher dans une terre altérée.” ESA.32.2 (LSG)


Do you inspire others? Are your words or actions refreshing, like water in a desert? Like the comfort of a shadow in the heat. How do you serve or participate in your team?

Are you this type of leader? At work, home, school, or group?

You may never know the influence you made. Be the person who leaves a positive mark in the lives of others. Be the person who desires to model true leadership to others.

Strive to be like Him.

Prayer: No matter the circumstances you Lord are living water in the dry arid places of my heart. Lord help me to be like you, to show you to those people you have placed in my path. May they see you shine in and through me. Amen

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