Lost to Found (Luke 19:10)

Lost to found What does it mean to be lost? Webster’s Dictionary defines lost as “unable to find one’s way; not knowing one’s whereabouts.” Can you remember a time when you were unable to find your way, not knowing where you were? That moment when fear began to creep into your head? Ever been there,Continue reading “Lost to Found (Luke 19:10)”

Walk. Look Back. Move On.

Walk, look back, move on. All people have stories—cairns. But, not all stories see the light of day. Like when you walk along a trail and see a cairn and wonder. Without a context—a story— it’s just a nice pile of rocks. Some stories stay locked in safe places under restricted access and reserved forContinue reading “Walk. Look Back. Move On.”

Let Him Build Your Cairn (2Cor. 5:17)

Let Him build your cairn Often when we look back on our story, we tend to focus on disappointments myopically. Tragedy, pain, frustrations, and disappointments weave through our story. Unfortunately, we lose focus on what God is doing and has been doing—the individual threads of our story. Because, if we only look to those cairnsContinue reading “Let Him Build Your Cairn (2Cor. 5:17)”

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