Rest, 休息. (马太福音 11:28-30; Matt. 11:28-30)

Peace If you have ever been on an extended vacation, whether it be on a cruise ship, hotel, mountain lodge, or the beach, there is a point in time you relax. That moment when you sip a cup of coffee, look out into the blue ocean, or at the mountain lake, take a deep breath,Continue reading “Rest, 休息. (马太福音 11:28-30; Matt. 11:28-30)”

Waves (Jas. 1:7-8)

Waiting Have you ever been diving? The feeling of weightlessness as you drift to the sound of your breathing. It is both an exhilarating and relaxing experience. The silence is deafening. The darkness of the caves or night diving heightens your senses and reminds you how reliant we are on what we can see orContinue reading “Waves (Jas. 1:7-8)”

Ready, begin. Your story is about to change

Ready, begin. Every so often, you hear a story—an inspiring account where someone does something out of the ordinary. A person faced with a choice, stepped out against the tide and acted. Whether it was an unselfish, brave, or just an inspirational act, we tend to view these individuals as exceptional. Different than ourselves. WeContinue reading “Ready, begin. Your story is about to change”

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