Testing of Faith (1Pet. 1:6-8)

Trials and Testing – (Jas. 1.2-5) The wildfire started that early summer morning spontaneously. The hot wind whipped the fire into the sporadic palms dotting the dry grasslands of Belize’s interior. Palm trees set ablaze burned and exploded, spreading fireballs onto the adjacent dry grass. They were attempting to build a fire break through theContinue reading “Testing of Faith (1Pet. 1:6-8)”

Walk. Look Back. Move On.

Walk, look back, move on. All people have stories—cairns. But, not all stories see the light of day. Like when you walk along a trail and see a cairn and wonder. Without a context—a story— it’s just a nice pile of rocks. Some stories stay locked in safe places under restricted access and reserved forContinue reading “Walk. Look Back. Move On.”

罗马书 5.1-5 (CCB) – Romans 5.1-5 (NIV) – Roma 5.1-5 (ASND) – Reconciled

Reconciliation – 和解 Have you experienced true reconciliation? That time when you see forgiveness extended in the eyes of another? When you extended forgiveness to someone else? Have you felt the release of stored-up emotion and the change? Profound tears abound on both sides. And in some cases, on the opposite side of an emptyContinue reading “罗马书 5.1-5 (CCB) – Romans 5.1-5 (NIV) – Roma 5.1-5 (ASND) – Reconciled”

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