The Climb. Keep Climbing (Colossians 1:11-12)

The Climb Marking the Columbia River’s convergence with the Pacific Ocean is a 125-foot concrete and steel tower standing atop a hill in Astoria, Oregon. At 600 feet above sea level, the column provides an unobstructed view of Mount Hood; the Pacific Ocean; the Columbia River; and the City of Astoria, Oregon. Equally impressive isContinue reading “The Climb. Keep Climbing (Colossians 1:11-12)”

Psalm 96:2-3 – Remember

Remember and have hope “Sing God a brand-new song! Earth and everyone in it, sing! Sing to God-worship God! Shout the news of his victory from sea to sea, Take the news of his glory to the lost, News of his wonders to one and all!” PS. 96.2-3 (MSG) Remembering the Valley Late Spring inContinue reading “Psalm 96:2-3 – Remember”

Alone (Psalm. 139.8)

Alone – Psalm 139.8 – He is present. Only a person surrounded by miles of green and earth tone forests of fir, pine, and spruce divided by the meandering Ohanapecosh, Cowlitz, and North Fork rivers understands the phrase “in the middle of nowhere.” The wide-open space envelopes you. In the expanse of evergreen, you realizeContinue reading “Alone (Psalm. 139.8)”

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