Consider Rejoicing (Jas. 1:2-4)

Rejoice, reach out Have you ever had to carry a heavy load with just your hands? You know, holding heavy bags from the shopping center with just your fingers. It’s easy at first, but then over time, as the weight bears down, your fingers start to weaken. The longer the walk, the harder it becomes.Continue reading “Consider Rejoicing (Jas. 1:2-4)”

Walk. Look Back. Move On.

Walk, look back, move on. All people have stories—cairns. But, not all stories see the light of day. Like when you walk along a trail and see a cairn and wonder. Without a context—a story— it’s just a nice pile of rocks. Some stories stay locked in safe places under restricted access and reserved forContinue reading “Walk. Look Back. Move On.”

Ready, begin. Your story is about to change

Ready, begin. Every so often, you hear a story—an inspiring account where someone does something out of the ordinary. A person faced with a choice, stepped out against the tide and acted. Whether it was an unselfish, brave, or just an inspirational act, we tend to view these individuals as exceptional. Different than ourselves. WeContinue reading “Ready, begin. Your story is about to change”

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