‘KERN’s Si’ft

‘kern’s si’ft

Consider having to research a social issue or a nonprofit organization without the internet or smartphone.

'kern's si'ft

Before the advent of modern digital technology, we faced significant obstacles, such as the lack of available up-to-date information; limited ability to locate reliable financial information about smaller nonprofit organizations; and any realistic analytical data regarding organizations working on global social issues. Participating financially on any level was limited to well-known religious organizations or local nonprofits.

Yet, current technology has not entirely removed these barriers, and in some instances, has increased the difficulty.

What if modern technology provided the opportunity to develop a single place where individuals and nonprofits could network and participate? Not a dozen places, but a single area of positive business and personal interactions. A platform where the emphasis is encouraging and emphasizing responsible outreach.

Si’ft, ‘KERN’s primary research module provides users and organizations a platform to find and research small religious organizations, missions, missionaries, churches, para-church and other social outreach organizations. Si’ft would be the starting point to reach out , and couple with others within “KERN’s network, whether Christian schools, colleges, employment, prayer, and encourage others.

the world of 'kern's

The ‘KERN is a hub where individuals and organizations can met and reach across borders and languages to share needs for goods, services, funds, supplies, or volunteers.

Suppose an organization or individual seeks to reach out and impact and care for people with love and respect and apply responsible stewardship principles to affect our local and global communities positively.

In that case, you will find it through Si’ft on Càirn Globél’s platform, the ‘kern.

Watch us grow.

'kern's si'ft
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