‘KERN’s Soj’urn

kern’s Soj’urn

What if you wanted to be more proactive in generalized social or global issue? Imagine if obstacles on both sides of the transaction could be minimized or even removed. What if modern technology provided the opportunity to develop a single place where individuals and nonprofits could network and participate?

Modern technology has dramatically changed the way we live and communicate. However, technology has not yet created the efficiencies in stewarding resources on either side of the equation.

'kern's Soj'urn

Many adults want to actively participate, to be a part of the solution in outreach, and think they can but are unsure how. Churchgoers and those who would assert they hold a biblical worldview, consider generosity vital, are not always aware of the opportunities to give, time, talent, or finances.

Envision, a digital environment where individuals participate more responsibly and nonprofits can efficiently reach additional donors, resources, talent, products, and prayer.

It is possible through the power of modern digital technology —the ‘kern.

'kern's Soj'urn

Soj’urn is the ‘kern’s primary navigation interface. It will facilitate ‘kern’s use of current and future digital technology and society’s overall acceptance to positively facilitate networking and communication through a user-friendly and efficient digital interface with useful features.

The power of exponential outreach.

Watch us grow.

'kern's Soj'urn

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